Wednesday, October 31, 2007

D-Mac and Felix on Halloween

Arkansas tailback Darren McFadden, left, and Felix Jones made their appearance at the University of Arkansas Student Union in Fayetteville today to show off their Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble Halloween costumes. The costumes were voted on by Arkansas fans at the Fans were asked to vote for three costume combos. The two losing costume combos were the Blues Brothers and Sonny and Cher. Thank god it wasn't the latter. This whole thing started last Halloween when D-Mac was photographed passing between classes in a clown costume. He's quite the characther and has always been one to cut up and make people laugh.

Too bad this is the last time we'll see these two togehter like this. They'll both be gone next season.

Hawgs Illustrated: Fifth October Issue

Here is the latest Hawgs cover. D-Mac got the front due to his four TD's. Next week is the basketball preview. Once it's out I can finally post the basketball portraits I shot several weeks back. Stay tuned.

Game Eight: Arkansas 58, Florida-Int'l 10

Another Arkansas game, another nasty D-Mac stiff-arm shot. The Hogs pretty much had their way with the Golden Panthers on Saturday. It wasn't much of a football game. McFadden scored four touchdowns on Florida-International, which is the last cupcake on the Razorbacks schedule this season. It's all SEC from this point out. Arkansas is going to have to earn the W's over the next four games.

Star receiver Marcus Monk made his comeback appearance on Saturday. He had a couple of passes thrown his way broken up and also had one intercepted, but he did manage to haul in a 13-yard pass from Nathan Emert for his first touchdown of the season. Hopefully he'll have a bigger impact in SEC play.

Felix Jones made his usual contribution to the Hogs' win. The Cat had 89 yards of rushing and one touchdown.

Peyton Hillis had six catches for 77 yards on the Golden Panthers. Hillis was named the Crip Hall Award winner for outstanding player in the Razorbacks' homecoming game.

Defensive back Matterral Richardson returns a Florida-International fumble as defesive coordinator Reggie Herring goes nuts in the background. The Hog defense had five interceptions and two fumble recoveries on Saturday.

Rashaad Johnson, left, celebrates an interception with fellow defensive back Michael Grant. Johnson had two interceptions on the Golden Panthers.

Another D-Mac shot.

The Hogs host Steve Spurrier and the South Carolina Gamecocks this Saturday. Their quarterback's name is Smelley. I can already see the myriad of great headlines that could come out of this matchup.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hawgs Illustrated:Fourth October Issue

So if you're wondering why I didn't post the cover from the last issue of Hawgs on my blog it's because my photo wasn't on the cover. The photographer whose photo was on the cover hates blogs, despises them actually, so I respected his feelings and didn't post the cover. On the other hand your's truly loves blogs and has no shame. So here it is. Ain't it great.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Game Seven: Arkansas 44, Ole Miss 8

Arkansas took their frustrations as of late out on Ole Miss in Oxford, Miss., on Saturday. This game was expected to be close and TMN Hogs beat writer Alex Abrams even predicted the Rebels would win. Didn't work out that way. The Razorback secondary picked off Ole Miss quarterback Seth Adams four times. It was quite the circus to shoot.

D-Mac gained 110 yards on 22 carries.

Felix Jones had 101 yards and two touchdowns.

Receiver Chris Baker races towards the end zone for the first touchdown of his senior season.

Quarterback Casey Dick and tight end Andrew Davie connected for two touchdownd against the Rebels.

Defensive back Jamar Love forced a fumble on Ole Miss quarterback Seth Adams, but in his daze Adams managed to fall on the ball.

Of course Peyton Hillis pounded out some hard-fought yards against the Rebels' defense.

By the time it was all over you would have thought we were somewhere in Arkansas because there were hardly any Rebels fans in the house at Vaught-Hemmingway Stadium, but there were still several thousand Razorback fans ready to celebrate.

Next up, cupcake number four. The 0-7 Florida International University Golden Panthers, who have the honor of holding the nation's longest college losing streak. Who doesn't like a good homecoming slaughter?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Game 6: Arkansas 7, Auburn 9

Yuck! Just when I thought I had shot the most boring Razorback game to date the Hawgs went and lost to Auburn on Saturday, even though the Tigers didn't even set foot in the end zone. I escaped this one with just enough photos for the magazine, excluding the cover. I gave the honor to TMN shooter J.T. Wampler, who had the best defensive photo of Arkansas that summarized the game. The Razoback defense played a hell of a game and pretty much set the offense up to put as many points on the board as possible. Only problem the offense forgot to show up and play. Instead totaled only 198 yards of total offense.

Darren McFadden eclipsed Arkansas' all-time rushing record, even though he only rushed for 43 yards.

The Tigers held Felix Jones to just 42 yards as well.

Auburn freshman backup quarterback and Fort Smith native Kodi Burns appeared for two plays and was booed non-stop. Such love for the local boys when they come back home to play.

The Hogs are now 0-3 in the SEC and face Ole Miss in Oxford this Saturday. The Rebels lost to Alabama on a last-minute controversial call. They're pissed and their fans are pissed (they threw all kinds sorts of things like empty liquor bottles and such onto the field after the bottle hit a photographer in the head. he required stitches). Anybody got a hardhat I can borrow this weekend?

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hawgs Illustrated: Second October Issue

So it's gameday (Arkansas vs. Auburn) and I'm just now getting the new cover of Hawgs onto my blog. I'm actually updating from the field at Razorback Stadium. Let's see how the Hawgs handle the Tigers today.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Game 5: Arkansas 34, Tenn-Chattanooga 15

What goes up must come down I guess. Certainly didn't shoot as well as I did last weekend (this game post is a week late) of course Arkansas played really sloppy. REALLY Sloppy. Instead of blowing out Tenn-Chattanooga like they did North Texas, the Hogs were only up by eight points at halftime. So anyway here are some photos from War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock. Six hours of driving for a handful of decent photos.

The Hogs face Auburn tomorrow. If they play the Tigers like they did the Mocks it's gonna be all over before halftime. By "it" I mean the rest of Arkansas' season.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Hawgs Illustrated: First October Issue

I'm a couple of days late getting this posted but here is the first October issue of Hawgs Illustrated. This is my best issue to date. The cover photo of Robert Johnson's touchdown worked beautifully and the Darren McFadden stiff-arm photo, see previous post, looked awesome on the double truck.

Clay Henry, the editor of Hawgs Illustrated and my boss, referred to the cover as "One of the best photos ever in the 16 years of our magazine" in his column today in The Morning News. He went on to say "If there's been a better shot, it might have been the one Marc took for our centerspread of Darren McFadden's stiff arm to de-helmet a North Texas defender."

I was pretty proud to see those words in print today. But hey, it's another game this weekend and another magazine to fill. I could just as easily have my worst issue this weekend. That's exactly how it goes with sports photography.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Game Four: Arkansas 66, North Texas 7

What a better way to get your minds off of two tough conference losses than a good old-fashioned beat down on a weaker non-conference team. Arkansas brutalized the Mean Green on Saturday in Fayetteville. This was a great game to shoot. Action packed with lots of big plays. This was certainly my best game this season. The lead photo of Darren McFadden stiff-arming the helmet off of North Texas' Antoine Bush will probably go down as the tailback's all-time memorable moment. McFadden was quoted the other day naming the stiff-arm his favorite to date.

Robert Johnson hauled in a 37-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Casey Dick. The Razorbacks finally got their passing game going against North Texas.

Felix Jones races 71-yards for a touchdown in the second quarter as teammate Darren McFadden runs to greet him in the end zone.

London Crawford carries the ball 61 yards for a touchdown off a pass from Casey Dick.

Darren McFadden dives for the end zone but came up a yard short. He scored on the next play.

Arkansas' defense held North Texas to just 329 yards.

Jerell Norton returned a pass interception 100 yards for a touchdown with just 31 seconds left in the game. Too bad the stadium was nearly empty at that point. The return set a school record.

Backup quarterback Nathan Emert dives for the endzone ahead of a nasty hit by a North Texas defender. Emert was stopped short of the goal line on the collision. I was really surprised he got up as fast as he did. It was a massive hit. The Hogs scored on the next play.

Of course Peyton Hillis grinded out yardage for Arkansas. Hillis pounded out 66 yards on 11 carries. None of Hillis' yards ever come easy it seems.

Michael Grant and the Razorback secondary got the job done on Saturday. They didn't give up any big plays, but again, it was North Texas.

The Razorbacks threw down 45 points on North Texas by halftime on Saturday. To the Mean Green's credit they did manage to score a touchdown before the whistle blew at the half. There wasn't much shooting in the second half. Too bad college doesn't have a mercy clock for games like these. Oklahoma scored 70 points on North Texas, the Hogs were only four points shy.

The Hogs play Tennessee-Chattanooga this Saturday at War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock. It should be a repeat of the North Texas game. They really need to get things together this Saturday because it's back to SEC play after that against Auburn in Fayetteville.